Pricing Update

Feb, 2024

Dear friends, It’s taken me such a long time to figure out how best to announce upcoming price increases on Bodhi Blends products.

Truthfully it’s something that I should have implemented a long time ago but honestly the thought of increasing the costs of products when the cost of living in this country already feels hopelessly high made me feel like I couldn’t contribute to that. But the reality is that as a small business who is trying to maintain the high standards that keep me wanting to do this, I simply can’t keep up with these rising costs myself and therefore sustain a business if I don’t reflect these increases into my own pricing....I never was a natural businesswoman can you tell?

It’s always been important to me to create high quality products at an accessible price point. Environmentally and ethically responsible production has always been at the forefront of Bodhi Blends, but ultimately I care about people and I value my customers and their support so much. I’ve never tried to market Bodhi Blends as a luxury brand although I do feel like all the elements are there for it to be one, I want these products to be for everyone, which is why I’ve always kept my margins low.
There is a hefty amount of greenwashing going on across the skincare and wellness industries and certain words that used to carry a lot of weight and resonate deeply with me now feel pretty hollow and wrong to use.
The reality is that ethical, high quality and environmentally responsible ingredients, packaging and production cost a lot more, but these are my non-negotiables that are at the heart of Bodhi Blends, and I believe, a big part of what draws many people to buy the products I make.

I’ve kept these increases as low as possible, maybe some of you won’t even notice at all, but I have always valued honesty and transparency, which is why I wanted to share this rather than just hike prices without addressing why. This change happened on February 12, 2024.

I hope, if you can, that you’ll continue to choose to shop with my stubbornly sustainable lil biz moving forward.

Big love,

x Ais