About Bodhi Blends

A humble little shop of handcrafted balms, sprays and lotions using plant based potions.

Bodhi blends works with high quality, organic and ethically sourced botanical ingredients to create products that are designed to support and nourish inside and out. Carefully crafted by hand in small batches with lots of love in Dublin.

Bodhi Blends was created by me, Aisling - a certified skincare formulator and all round botanical enthusiast!

I first began creating and experimenting with natural skincare many moons ago initially for pleasure, curiosity and an attempt to avoid the chemical, synthetic saturated products on the cosmetic market. And thus began an ongoing love affair with handcrafting botanical products and the birth of Bodhi Blends. I qualified with Formula Botanica, an award-winning, accredited School of Organic Cosmetic Science in 2018 and have been concocting plant powered skincare for the irish market ever since.


We know we're a small fish in the vast and highly competitive cosmetic marketplace but at Bodhi Blends we are determined not to compromise on our values that led us to begin this business in the first place.

We create with high quality, organic cold pressed carrier oils, butters and waxes.

At Bodhi Blends we create with high quality, organic cold pressed carrier oils, butters and waxes only. All these plant derived ingredients have been chosen both for their therapeutic properties as well as their skin nourishing attributes. You won’t find any synthetic fragrance oils in our skincare - each creation has been fortified with specific, considered essential oil blends that have been crafted using high quality pure and organic essential oils. Our products have all undergone safety testing through Oxford Biosciences.‎

To learn more about each ingredient in our products check out our full Ingredient Glossary!

We believe in small batch manufacturing

It’s one of the reasons we have chosen to work with small independent retailers rather than fulfilling large wholesale orders to bigger stores. For a small business like ours, small batch making puts the emphasis on the quality and care of production.

We take a great deal of time selecting high quality ingredients and we find the best way to formulate with precious produce is small batch manufacturing. Not only does it ensure there is no waste (believe us when we say we have spatulas that won’t leave a morsel for the bin) but it also allows us to provide the freshest products possible to both our customers and our retailers.

Although in the long run this makes for more time consuming laborious work, for us it is so worth it to ensure that we are following a mindful process that resonates with our ethos; treating the beautiful natural ingredients with the respect they deserve and formulating creations that are filled with intention, care and so much love.

We are a cruelty-free business.

All Bodhi Blends formulations are tested on willing humans and never on animals and we make sure that the same rules apply when sourcing our ingredients from suppliers and manufacturers.

We are determined to source the most environmentally responsible packaging.

Bodhi Blends is determined to use the most environmentally responsible packaging that won’t compromise the quality and stability of our products. We are always looking to improve on this and continue to keep our eyes peeled for the most planet friendly options.

‎Our creams, sprays, serums & moisturisers come in amber glass jars and bottles.

We use glass bottles (instead of plastic) because glass can be recycled indefinitely to create more glass. Our lip balms come in 100% compostable cardboard tubes.

We are proud to ensure that every Bodhi Blends product has a certified compostable label. ‎We use Pure Labels for our 100% biodegradable labels, made by Elevate Packaging. It is a non-GMO bioplastic made from tree pulp and even the label sticker adhesive is compostable!


We are just as selective when it comes to our stockists as we when sourcing our ingredients. You can find an ever-growing list of our stockists right here and if you have a shop you'd love to find us in let us know!

If you're an independent retailer we'd love to chat. Check out our 2024 product brochure here and contact us to arrange a chat.