We believe in small batch manufacturing.

We believe in small batch manufacturing.


We believe small batch manufacturing is at the core of artisanal products. it’s what makes them so unique and special.

it’s one of the reasons we have chosen to work with small independent retailers rather than fulfilling large wholesale orders to bigger stores. For a small business like ours, small batch making puts the emphasis on the quality and care of production. 

We take a great deal of time selecting high quality ingredients and we find the best way to formulate with precious produce is small batch manufacturing. not only does it ensure there is no waste (believe us when we say we have spatulas that won’t leave a morsel for the bin) but it also allows us to provide the freshest products possible to both our customers and our retailers. 

Although in the long run this makes for more time consuming laborious work, for us it is so worth it to ensure that we are following a mindful process that resonates with our ethos; treating the beautiful natural ingredients with the respect they deserve and formulating creations that are filled with intention, care and so much love. 

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